Shop for Kohler K-10430-BN Forte Single Control Remote Valve Kitchen Sink Faucet w/ Sidespray & Lever Handle (Vibrant Brushed Nickel)

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Shop for KOHLER K-10430-BN Forte Single Control Remote Valve Kitchen Sink Faucet w/ Sidespray & Lever Handle (Vibrant Brushed Nickel) -A different twist on the Forte single-control kitchen faucet.The valve is remote so the spout can reach new heights to provide greater sink clearance.The fluid,all-metal design is easy to clean and easy to use.It features both washerless ceramic valving and a high-temperature limit stop to eliminate scalding and maintain precise water control in both the faucet and the sidespray.Kohler Forté faucets boast two key strengths-versatile design and effortless installation.To complement classic or contemporary spaces, Forte features tailor-designed handle styles-traditional and sculpted-in a selection of finishes.This faucet is one of best kitchen sink faucets from Kohler.

Features of KOHLER K-10430-BN Kitchen Sink Faucet
  • All-metal construction ensures durability and longer life
  • Fluid design is beautiful and easy to clean
  • High spout kitchen faucet provides great clearance beneath the spout
  • High-temperature limit stop allows you to preset a comfortable maximum temperature to eliminate scalding
  • Washer-less ceramic valving ensures precise water control


Customer Reviews
  • See what people said about this kitchen sink faucet "I was replacing a delta faucet that started leaking after only a few years and that always looked kind of cheap.This faucet looks terrific,works great and was very easy to install.My only minor complaint is the water doesn't shut off as quickly as I expect.When you close the handle water still comes out for another second or so.Kind of weird but not really a problem.As others have noted the product is solid brass and feels really robust especially when you compare it to other faucets that are mostly plastic!!!"
  • Other customer said "This new sink looks great in our kitchen! Simple and modern!The faucet turns on much more smoothly than our previous one. The picture shows a 4piece in this color,but the other colors are 3piece(no soap dispenser),so just be aware that it is actually a 3piece and does not include the soap dispenser.Would definitely recommend this product!!!"
  • See all customer reviews here.


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