Brita Water Filter 3 Way Titanium Kitchen Sink Tap

brita water filter
Brita Water Filter 3 Way Titanium Kitchen Sink Tap offers all the benefits you’d expect from BRITA filtered water,with the added convenience that it’s always there whenever you need it for great tasting hot and cold drinks. Brita inline water filter is designed to improve the taste and appearance of mains treated tap water for the preparation of hot and cold drinks and food.This Brita Titanium Chrome 3 Way Water Filter Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap is a fantastic addition to your home or workplace kitchen.The Brita Titanium Chrome 3 Way Mixer Tap has 3 levers for Hot,Cold and BRITA Filtered water.This kitchen sink tap is one of best cheap kitchen mixer taps from Brita.

Features of Brita Water Filter 3 Way Titanium Kitchen Sink Tap
  • Easy Fit cartridges change over in seconds
  • Brita Water Filter 3 Way Titanium Kitchen Sink Tap features traffic light LED cartridge exchange indicator
  • Fully 100% recyclable cartridges deliver 500 litres of BRITA filtered water
  • Separate controls for hot, cold and BRITA filtered water
  • The only tap to give you BRITA filtered water on demand

Customer Reviews
  • See what people saying about this Brita water filter "GREAT WATER FILTER TAP !!!This is a good quality tap delivering filtered water as you need it.However you will have to pay out about £2.50 per week for filters."
  • Other people saying "SUPERB FILTER TAP !!!We've had this installed now for 18months and its superb!You get fresh filtered water,as opposed to the jugs where the water has been left on the side for hours or days.The filters last 6months in our house of 2which is good value when you compare this to the Matrix cartidges.I'm not disappointed with this tap and would recommend every house to get one."
  • See all customer reviews here.

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